About Us

Everyone loves beautiful leather bags and if it comes with style, durability, class and with a price tag that is not too dear, then owning one is not just a dream but a easy reality.

This personal belief led to the birth of L'ArC Leather Bags which is an Australian brand offering stylish, yet affordable and constantly changing classic leather bags, man bags and wallets to men and women.

Owner and founder Adity is the daughter of a very successful businessman whose company manufactures and exports around half a million pieces of high quality leather bags per year which are retailed in United Kingdom, Europe and Australia under various popular brands. This same company has achieved the prestigious Star Accreditation from the Indian Government for its high quality and trusted workmanship.  Having learnt the leather craft from her father, and a dream of making luxury goods affordable, Adity launched her own label with her own designs in Australia in 2016.

The vision of L’ArC Leather Bags is to become Australia’s leading wholesale and retail leather goods company.

We use the highest quality, natural leather from some of the world’s oldest and best tanners in India, where the skills are passed down through the generations. Our range includes ladies' bags, men’s bags, luggage, and wallets and these collections boast of hand-crafted pieces that are stylish with understated beauty.

We are proud of our excellent craftsmanship, quality fittings and natural hide. Our goods are individually handmade by leather craftsmen.  

Other important points to note about L'ArC Leather Bags:

  • The Management of the factories which L'ArC Leather Bags uses for manufacturing our bags, takes welfare of their workers very seriously.  They are responsible for their workers as per Fairtrade India Policies in accordance with Fairtrade standards.
  • Working conditions in the factories are equitable for all workers.  Health and safety measures are established in order to avoid work-related injuries.
  • L’ArC Leather strongly prohibits the use of underage workers and the factories that manufacture our L'ArC Bags only employ skilled leather craftsmen over eighteen years age. The factories also encourage employing women in the workforce in support of gender equality and diversity in the workplace.
We hope you enjoy your L’ArC Leather Bags.